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Joël gets people to exercise by always challenging people in new ways and with different tools. Sometimes he uses a manual pump that normally would be used for an air mattress. Sometimes he uses a wooden board with holes to throw cornhole bags through. Sometimes he uses baseball bats for hitting soft baseballs through the room. An hour later, he usually succeeded in getting the most passive resident out of his chair and had him move more than he had done in the past year.

Many of Joël’s clips were recorded at the Korsakov Center Slingedael, where he works with people with the Korsakov syndrome. This brain disorder often makes people very passive and therefore very difficult to motivate. Joël always thinks in terms of opportunities, which makes it very fun to come up with solutions to difficult problems together. It is therefore, a great honour to write the foreword for his eBook.

Now, Joël has become a role model for many practitioners who are working with challenging target groups. He often manages to make both clients as practitioners laugh. Instead of focusing on the limitations of his clients, Joël constantly looks for ways to improve their potential and to motivate them to push their limits. He accomplishes this this by designing activities that match the interests, needs and skills of his clients. For example, he uses game elements, music, dance, art, and technology to stimulate movement.

What makes it really fun in addition to all those creative ideas, is that he is not necessarily looking to benefit himself, but rather wants to help his clients move forward. In this book, he will share several of his ideas and solutions so as
to engage other people to move as well.